Old Family Photos
Here are some assorted old photos. These will have to do until I get this organized.

The Kissinger Family would often have a family portrait taken to celebrate
the anniversary of Mary Alice and Stuart Kissinger. This one would be from the
1920's, probably somewhere about 1923.

Front row: Mame, Stuart, Sr., Myra, Bill, Marge, Mary Alice, and Mil.
Second row: Stuart, Jr., Peg, Ben, Bob, John, Marion.

This is another anniversary photo. This one is on the back porch of the
West North Street duplex and was taken in March of 1937.

Front Row: Gary, Ron, and Ann.
Second Row: Bill holding Pat, Marion, Jenny, Mame, Mary Alice, Stuart Sr.
Third Row: Mil, Marie, Joe O., Bob, Jr., Bob Altland
Fourth Row: Haas holding Joann, Marge, Jo, Mary Altland, Peg, Margaret
Back Row: Stuart, Jr., Bob, John, Paul Buehler, Myra, Stuart Altland