Elect Stephen Monn


Let me represent you!

Borough Logo

I Propose:

* Better dissemination of information
- Expand Borough web site to include:
Council Committee Reports
Planning Commission Reports
Borough Authority Reports
Full text of Borough Codes
Full text of Borough Ordinances
Full text of proposed ordinances and amendments
Development plans from developers
Listing of all borough legal notices from newspaper
...and more.
- Printed copies of all of the above to be made publically
available at the library and borough hall.
* Responsible and sensible development
- Not just for development sake
- Not just for developer profit
- Sensitive to neighbors' opinions and property
- Considerate of aesthetics of neighborhood and town
* To support downtown revitilization
- Cooperation with Main Street committees
- Support the "Downtown Manager" project
* To maintain traditional small town look and feel
* To promote responsive government


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein