March 24, 2002 - Still In The Bathrooms

Here is the dining table from Saint James School's old Saint Luke's Refectory (dinning hall).


The table master's view.

The DS BR is 95% finished. Here is the light bar over the medicine cabinet.

This view shows the light and the medicine cabinet.

The medicine cabinet.

The sink in the DS BR.


Yes. That is a functioning toilet and sink in the DS BR.

The ceiling light and exhaust fan in the DS BR.

Oops! The door is still not quite ready for the DS BR.

Shutters have now been permanently installed in the Gold Room upstairs.

Five windows have the shutters.


The enclosure and wall work in the US BR is now finished and ready for us to paint.

The new shower head.

The new Shower controls. The spout has strangely not been installed.


View showing shower, floor, and window.

Finished wall of the shower enclousure. The wainscoting has been extended onto the new wall.

Same wall

The ceiling also needs paint and a new light fixture. We hope to finish all of this next week.

The remaining plumbing will be installed after Easter.