March 11, 2002

Two kitchen tables. The DS BR door is being stripped.


The beautiful new tile floor in the DS BR.

Wallpaper begins to appear in the DS BR.

Real furniture has arrived. Under a protective plastic cover for wallpaper booking is a table and chairs.

The table is one of the old dinning hall tables from Saint James School. It is eight feet by three feet - no leaves.

A new lighting fixture in the Blue Room, the front west bedroom.

Another view of the Blue Room.

A dark view of the windows fronting Main Street in the Blue Room.

The Gold Room, the other front bedroom. The shutters are test fitted and will go on all five windows.

Another view of the gold Room looking northwest.

The gold Room looking toward Main Street into the tower space.

The gold Room looking East into the tower space.

The shower cap has finally arrived and has been framed into place.

The tub and shower are now firmly in place in the US BR.

Another shot of the shower framing.

... and yet another.

This is the inside of the shower enclosure.

The tub view.

More equipment takes up residence in the foyer.

Tools and materials are everywhere.

Yes, everywhere.

Stephen's favorite view.

The parlour fireplace.

This will become the DS BR lavatory shortly.

DS BR lavatory shown with the medicine cabinet.

Hmmmmm ...