March 3, 2002 - Work is beginning.

The kitchen table. Note that the kitchen is a big empty room

In the kitchen looking from the hall toward the rear of the house.

Looking from the southwest corner of the kitchen toward the hall door.

The southeast corner of the kitchen

The kitchen sink.

A sign of spring through a kitchen window.

The kitchen floor after the old floor was removed.

We are trying to clean off the old adhesive.

Once cleaned, we hope to repair and refinish.

Looking from the hallway into the kitchen.

Looking through a small room into the downstairs bathroom. The cement board has been installed for the tile.

Another view of the DS BR floor.

Radiator plumbing awaiting the radiator in the DS BR.

DS BR ceiling.

More DS BR ceiling showing one of the world's loudest ventilation fans.

More DS BR ceiling.

Sink hookup awaiting sink in DS BR.

WC that will go into the DS BR.

Tile, facets, lights, towel bars, etc. that will go into the DS bR.

Looking from the foyer through the hall into the kitchen.

The new lighting fixture in the dining room.

One of two glass doors opening from the dining room onto a screened porch on the east side of the house.

Looking from the dining room into the parlour through the pocket doors.

Again from the dining room showing the parlour's window and fireplace.

A window in the rear stairway looking west.

Looking up the rear stairway from the first toward the second floor.

The other glass door in the dining room.

The window on the first landing of the main stairway. The last portion of the stairs is still disassembled.

The main entrance. Eventually, we hope to make this one large door with sidelights.

Dark shot of the area under the main stairway.

Looking from the foyer through pocket doors into the parlour through more pocket doors to one of the glass doors of the dining room.

Looking from the front entrance down the main hall.

Looking from the entrance up the main stairway to the second landing window.

Closer view of second landing window.

View of first landing window of the main stairway.

Main stairway looking down from the second landing.

Looking from the top of the main stairway to the second landing.

Lighting at the top of the main stairway on the second floor.

On the second floor hall looking toward the main stairway.

Looking toward the front of the second floor hall.

The rear bedroom on the second floor looking east.

Same bedroom looking south out the back.

Same bedroom looking west to the hallway.

Backyard through the french doors.

Other corner.

The upstairs bathroom.

The new tub and shower surround shown trial fitted.

The US BR north east corner showing sink and WC hookups.

US BR south east corner showing rough-in for the radiator.

The six inch tiles will be installed in a checker-board pattern.

Looking from window of US BR toward hall showing unfinished side of shower enclosure.

Similar view.

Middle room upstairs that become a den.

Same room.

same room showing a tiny closet.